Fresh Start Outreach Ministries
Fresh Start Outreach Ministries

In The Beginning…


Fresh Start Outreach Ministries is a testimony of the Lord’s desire to reach people in the Metro-East area.  In January 2012, Pastor Charisse Burrell received a call and vision from the Lord to plant an outreach ministry but was reluctant to answer the call.  In December 2012, while Pastor Burrell was attending her hair appointment, her hairdresser-Delaney, prophesied about the ministry and Pastor Burrell’s next assignment.  She stated that, where Pastor Burrell was serving as pastor she would not be there much longer the season was over.  She must fulfill the assignment God has placed on her heart. 

After receiving this prophetic word, Pastor Burrell immediately surrendered and submitted to the Lord’s call in the middle of the hair salon.  Armed with very little resources, Pastor Burrell, Devione Burrell and Delaney Hicks formed a core group that prayed, fasted and organized the ministry in January 2013.


The First Service…


Fresh Start Outreach Ministries began meeting, and continues to meet, at the Transforming Word Church located at 517 Jefferson Street, Lovejoy, Illinois.  Fresh Start held its first service on

June 1, 2013. 


With the Lord’s anointing and guidance Fresh Start will continue to focus on feeding souls spiritually, emotionally, mentally, financially and physically so that lives can be changed regardless of their culture and ethnic diversity.  The ministry believes in healing, deliverance and prosperity for the whole being (spirit, body and soul).


This ministry will offer hope to people to persevere in spite of their situation.  And, will speak life into one’s mission, purpose, ministry, family, children and marriage.

Where to Find Us:

Worship Service Address:


Fresh Start Outreach Ministries
517 Jefferson Street
Brooklyn, IL 62059


Phone: (866) 754-0668

Mailing Address: 


Fresh Start Outreach Ministries
P.O. Box 4361
Fairview Heights, IL 62208

Phone: (866) 754-0668

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